Maintaining CHANGELOG

At PeopleDoc, in our development workflow, many questions came about CHANGELOG: what to put in CHANGELOG? How to maintain CHANGELOG and make sure it stays up to date? How do releases affect CHANGELOG? ...

In this article, I'll try to share my experience on the topic, as a base for discussions …

Let's do some docker


From DjangoCon

Nice talk from DjangoCon.

Docker doc

In case you are lost, or you are tuning your Dockerfile, take a look here, you should find the answer.

Docker index

Here is where we can find most of the 'official' images: docker index

A django app

This demo aims …

Successfull git feature workflow in team


I like to have a nice commit list mainly because I am using this commit list to generate release CHANGELOG between two changelogs.

First of all configure your favorite editor:

git config --global core.editor emacs

or you might want to use vim:

git config --global core.editor vim …

The select to clipboard html input experiment


If there is one thing that make me mad it is the github repository URL clone input.

This thing select the content automatically but you cannot paste it with the middle mouse button as usually.

It works on bitbucket but we are mostly using GitHub.

The experiment

Even if …

Configurer Emacs comme un développeur Python


Souvent on me demande quel IDE j'utilise. Quand je réponds emacs, ça ne semble pas convenir à mon interlocuteur.

Voici un petit article pour transformer son emacs en véritable IDE python.

Quand je code en Python, j'ai envie de respecter la PEP-8, d'avoir la complétion des noms de fonctions …

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